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Don’t let pesky weeds ruin your lawn and garden

Weeding Services

There isn’t anything more annoying than the sight of weeds on a perfect lawn or poking up in a carefully tended garden or landscape. They are tenacious, persistent and everywhere, making weeding one of the most tedious and time-consuming aspects of keeping your lawn and garden looking their best.

Auckland Garden Services offer effective weeding services, including elimination and control of weeds to help you rid your outdoor areas of these plant invaders. Weeds compete with desirable plants and lawn grasses for water, space, light and nutrients, so they’re a nuisance in more ways than one.

Protect your investment in your garden

Weeds are very aggressive and, if not kept in check, can easily take over a lawn or garden and destroy it. The key to effective weed control is to identify them and take action early.

When our team visits your property, they can provide our weeding services as a one-off job, or they can recommend a programme for weed elimination and control for a more thorough and longer lasting solution to the problem.

We use the best and safest weed solutions to get fast results and keep them away for longer without damaging your surrounding plants. The Auckland Garden Services team can manage your weed removal and control so you can enjoy a tidy, healthy lawn and garden.

Proactive weed control

For the best results, we recommend a weed elimination and control programme rather than a one-off weeding service. That way, our team can proactively treat your green outdoor areas for weeds on a regular, scheduled basis.

If you have a garden maintenance contract with Auckland Garden Services, weed elimination and control will most likely already be included in the package.

Proactive weed control measures, combined with regular fertilization, proper mowing techniques and appropriate watering practices, will keep your lawn and garden flourishing without those pesky weeds reappearing.

Other Services

Lawn Mowing & Lawn Care

Lawn mowing, edging, weeding, feeding and patch repair services 

Hedge Trimming & Shrub Pruning

Trimming, pruning and shaping overgrown branches.

Garden Maintenance

Customised, scheduled garden maintenance programmes.

Clean-up, Clearing & Garden Waste Removal

Garden & yard clean-up, clearing to ground level and waste removal.

Don’t delay and allow the weeds to continue to grow into a more significant problem.

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