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You Grow ’Em … We’ll Mow ’Em

Lawn Mowing Service

Lawn mowing, lawn edging and lawn care can be a time-consuming task, demanding a huge effort if you’re not knowledgeable about what’s required and, perhaps, you don’t have the right equipment. Yet, a well-maintained lawn makes a significant difference to the appearance of your property’s outdoor space. 

Auckland Garden Services’ lawn mowing service, supplemented by its ‘weeding and feeding’ lawn care service, will ensure that your lawn remains in peak condition and displays beautifully throughout the year – subject to the weather, of course!

Mowing, Edging & Cutting

For residential and commercial properties, Auckland Garden Services provides a professional lawn mowing service as well as a cutting service for overgrown grass. Arrange a regular, scheduled weekly or fortnightly service, or request a one-off, on-demand mowing and edging service. Better still, enjoy the rewards of our top-quality, cost-effective lawn maintenance service, which includes mowing, edging, feeding, and weed elimination and control.

Value-Added Service

Our value-added service ensures that while your lawn mowing and edging is being done, our team is looking for weed and clover infestations. We will then recommend a plan for their elimination and control ‒ as an optional service. You will also be alerted to other aspects of your gardening, such as hedge trimming, shrub pruning or garden clearance, that might need attention, and which we can attend to as an additional service.

Other Services

Hedge Trimming & Shrub Pruning

Trimming, pruning and shaping overgrown branches.

Weed Elimination & Control

Effective weed elimination and control programme or one-off weeding.

Garden Maintenance

Customised, scheduled garden maintenance programmes.

Clean-up, Clearing & Garden Waste Removal

Garden & yard clean-up, clearing to ground level and waste removal.

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